The Beginning & Some History

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"Pray for me, and I'll pray for you." It was a parting statement between two closest friends, right after, "I Love You, I'll see you soon." In October of 2001 these two friends formed a virtual meditation group online by creating a simple single graphic for each person in the group to focus on, and asked those in need to project their "hopes, desires and wishes for healing" into the graphic.

For five days nearly twenty people meditated on the highest possible outcome for a single person. There weren't rules, or rituals or creeds involved. Religion wasn't an issue, belief systems were set aside to focus on the highest possible good, with pure intention called, "White Light". The miracle happened. Then it happened again, and again.

... Lives began to change, cancers went into remission, teenagers estranged from their families returned home, hope was restored as stories of healing and transformation were shared.

The graphic morphed into a "boxcar" design and the White Light Express was given a name. A website was created, and for several years the healing and transformation continued on a global scale.

The Founders: Avis Latone and Sarah Nash are finally able to facilitate the exponential purpose of White Light Express with its highly anticipated, first annual conference in Port Townsend, Washington, August 2012.

The mission of the White Light Express is to offer healing and transformation through focused positive intention, meditation and prayer . Right Thought is the first step toward Right Action and consciousness. We believe that "holding the vibration" is a profound task and our divine destiny.

The WLE is also a growing network of healing professionals, metaphysicians and light workers dedicated to researching modalities of Illumination and methods of ascension with integrity.

The Ultimate Goal of the White Light Express is to create a trusted network of gifted Healers and healing circles created by Spirit and directed by Spirit for those seeking clear and honest answers to their soul path, life purpose and issues with healing the Mind. The Body. The Spirit. Those who are brought to the White Light Express for healing will be gently advised and guided by a responsible, spiritual team of deeply connected professionals for maximum health and benefit, transcending any paradigms of healing or medicine.
Everyone is invited to "Ride The White Light Express" from the 9th to the 16th of each month. Whether you are in need of healing or simply wish to share your light and hold the vibration for those who are requesting healing.

--------------------------------SOME HISTORY--------------------------------

There are nearly two hundred "box cars" that need to be archived for historical and nostalgic purposes.

There are letters, blog posts and a virtual tapestry of hope that thousands of people were (and still are) involved with creating.

From the simplest of designs to some very intricately developed images, the White Light Express went out nearly every week for many years as a beacon of compassion and with the message, "you are not alone".

We intend to continue this amazing gift to each other, and look forward to sharing messages of healing, faith and a collective spirit of Love & Light for many, many years. For more information and original blog posts from the earliest moments of the White Light Express, please visit this LINK.

I am very fond of every graphic created for those who rode the White Light Express, and the incredible stories to accompany them, however I have two favorite box cars that I will share here. Please take some time to absorb their wonderful messages.
"Give Light, and the darkness will disappear of itself." ~Erasmus
~Sarah Nash
  August 2012

Maybe it's fate. I don't know if you remember but around this time last year, I asked the White Light Express to pray for two people in my lives who both had brain tumors - the Sherminator Express.  And I don't know if you remember, but Mr. Scherman did end up living longer than expected and my friend Cory is still alive today.  So if it's not too much trouble, could you please let everyone involved in this boxcar know that there is hope? Lots of hope? Thanks a bunch.
December 15, 2002 (link will take you to the original post at Xanga)

The response I have received from the parents of our last focus, "The Lost Boys" has been absolutely inspiring!  One mother writes,
"I don't know how this works, I only know it works.  The White Light Express has literally moved a mountain in our home and my son has a new outlook.  I told him that 70 people were praying and meditating for his success, for his trials and tribulations to come to an end.  Like I said, I don't know how the energy was shifted, I only know that it did.  The same goes for my girlfriends son.  It is my prayer that all those who added their own boys to this box car had the same result that we did.  My lost boy has been found and his path is clearer for him today than it was last week.  He has been given a second chance, and it's a miracle.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
From: January 27, 2003 (link will take you to original post at Xanga)

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