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We are a  NON Denominational & Interfaith group dedicated to the belief that focusing thoughtful, favorable energy on a specific subject or subjects will promote unequivocal change for a positive outcome.  The mission of the White Light Express is to offer healing and transformation through focused authentic intention, meditation and prayer . Right Thought is the first step toward Right Action and consciousness. We believe that "holding the vibration" is a profound task and our divine destiny.

Each month we pray as a collective and We create a virtual ring of light around those who request to be "in the center of the circle".

We do not require any ritual, specific prayer or mantra, although we don't discourage it either.

We do encourage positive communication, dialogue and faith focused discussion in this Network.
We do not tolerate judgement, prejudice or discrimination. We do ask that you keep an open mind and a sense of compassion.

Thank you for being here, for being interested and joining us. May you forever shine. May you forever be united in Light & Love.


We're excited about our new website and other developments on the horizon at WLE HQ! Take a moment to view our digital "face lift" and do share it with your friends, family, co-workers, church and more! Thank you for being a part of our work!


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We were thinking about you ...

Lighting The Way


It's better to light a candle than to curse the…

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A powerful tool for healers or anyone who uses his mandala that wants to resonate with Spiritual Passion and 11:11. Keith explains how he uses this in his healings. I do it on myself. Go full screen and turn up the volume. Avis…

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Aug 12

Faith Morgan just added their location.
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Aug 11
Faith Morgan commented on Peter Messerschmidt's blog post Mindfulness and Spreading Light
"Yay!  As a neophyte, I thank you for that, as I have many newbie questions.  Lols.  <3"
Aug 11
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Aug 8
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The first of our "Warm Fuzzies" went out last week to the marvelous benefactors of our online community and web site. Many of you don't know that we're fund raising for a myriad of projects -- not the least of them being our…

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